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Re: Stargate

Postby bookworm » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:32 pm

To try getting more discussion going here I'd like to bring public a conversation topic KF and I had a while back to see the thoughts anyone else may have.

The Atlantis episode Sunday is the only thing I hate about the series. Obviously because of the ending.
It took a long time to sink in when I saw it. I couldn't believe what happened, it came out of nowhere. I was shocked, angered, and very saddened.

If they had to kill off Beckett this was the right way to do it, because he was a hero and everything, but he's my second favorite character so I never really forgave them for it. He did eventually return, but it wasn't really him. At least it was partial consolation though. And his absence allowed for the introduction of Dr. Keller who is probably my third favorite, so the outcome wasn't bad, I just wish they had found another way to bring it around. Have a reason Beckett needed to return to earth and be replaced or something. He didn't need to die.
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