Captain America: Civil War

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Re: Captain America: Civil War

Postby Catspaw » Thu May 26, 2016 9:52 pm

Yes, that was a good part, Top. I also liked the part with Captain America. :yes:
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Re: Captain America: Civil War

Postby bookworm » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:37 pm

Finally saw this. It's good. As I said before I personally prefer watching heroes work together against bad guys than brought to fighting among themselves, that's sad, but for being that kind of movie this was well done.

It was moving watching the team realize the consequences of their actions and struggling to find the right way to react, and it was clear why each side took the stance they did. Cap being moved by Peggy's eulogy to not compromise his beliefs, but Tony being really affected once he came to see the human lives involved because he personally was the inadvertent cause by making Ultron. It was really understandable why he would feel that way and think oversight was the right idea.

Black Panther was brought in well, why he got involved. Fun introduction to Spiderman. I'm still pretty surprised they worked that deal out, that's going to be a significant addition to the MCU world going forward. The connection with Bucky to Tony was unexpected, that added more mixed emotions to what was going on and another element of complexity to how were they supposed to resolve everything everyone was dealing with.

The villain was a bit unsatisfying for me. His motivation made sense, but it didn't seem quite realistic he could set up such an elaborate plan. And I didn't think it was really necessary to have him pulling strings behind everything to cause the conflict. The Civil War would have developed naturally from the clashing ideologies of Cap and Tony, and I believe that's all it was in the comics, but I guess they didn't think that would be enough of a plot for a movie just the team fighting over disagreements in vision there had to be something more to it.

Age of Ultron and this followup were an effective way to take the series in a new direction, I'm curious how they plan for things to play out from here.
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