Football Pool III

Ran by SWA until Ryder takes over.

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Re: Football Pool III

Postby bookworm » Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:29 pm

American Eagle wrote:Heh heh, that's a funny way to make your picks.
Not really, it was just for that one game. The rest I picked ‘normally’.
American Eagle wrote:I'm assuming you have something against the Patriots? ;)
Obviously. ;) But this was more than my personal dislike of them, it’s because I think their playoff curse will continue.

-- 13 Sep 2012 05:50 pm --

My season stats:
Final record: 172-84 (+88)
Best record: 13-3 (Weeks 13,17)
Worst record: 7-9 (Weeks 1,15)
Average record: 10-5
ToO pool wins: 5 (Weeks 3,5,7,10,13)
Real pool wins: 3 (Weeks 3,9,13)

Referee Rants:
Downed kick called touchback
Inconsistent overtime termination
Two blunders on one play
Incorrect replay terminology
Missed calls in two games
Two mistakes on the same play
Errors in two games

Rule Rebukes:
Offsetting penalties

Performance praise:
Perfectly called play

Season 1

-- 31 Dec 2012 02:25 pm --

AE never scored the brackets, so I took it upon myself.

AE - 4 points
bookworm - 4 points
Top - 2 points
KF - 1 point

As you can see, there was a tie from just scoring the advances, so to break it I used KF’s suggestion of tallying correct matchups because it seemed most fair. Because I was the only one to advance the Texans over the Bengals, the number of correct matches comes to 3 for me and 2 for AE. So I win. \:D/ It was really close, because no one had the Broncos over the Steelers, so that leg crumbled on everyone’s bracket. Unfortunately for Top and KF, putting the Bengals all the way through brought down the other leg as well, so their whole AFC side was destroyed almost immediately.


Since the method of tiebreaker was never ‘officially’ decided on, AE insists that we tied. I guess that means we do since it’s technically his contest, though he seemed to abandon it. So congratulations to both of us then.
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