601: "Bernard and Jeremiah"

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601: "Bernard and Jeremiah"

Postby Aelwyn » Fri Oct 27, 2006 7:39 am

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Postby Arwen » Sat Oct 28, 2006 7:01 am

It was OK...but, in my opinion, it moved too quickly and didn't seem like a very good Imagination Station adventure. Also, I was hoping Bernard would be more involved with the story, but he really was more of an extra character, and he didn't seem to have much place in there. Overall, it was OK, and the moral was pretty good...but it wasn't one of the better ones.
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Postby snowflake » Sat Oct 28, 2006 8:43 am

I liked it, that I did. Even though Bernard was sort of an "extra" I'm glad he's back! I really only have like, 2 problems with it. 1: It went pretty fast! Normally, Bernard stories--and lots of Imagination Station adventures are 2 parters. 2: I was really excited to have a good old time Bernard story. True, it was a Bible story (and a less-well-known one at that, I think) but I think Bernard would've done better than the Imagination Station. That kinda disappointed me. But, other than that, I suppose it was pretty good!

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Postby Applesauce » Sat Oct 28, 2006 9:19 am

Well, I must admit, I was excited for this one. \:D/ The opening scene was terrific! I loved the dialogue between Marvin and Bernard at the beginning, and the concept of Bernard going on an Imagination Station adventure had me thrilled! Despite it being so different from the norm, I had every expectation of this being one of the best Bernard stories yet! :D

...Which is why I was shocked by how much my opinion changed once the theme song had ended. :|

The whole concept was a great idea, but it was executed poorly. I usually like Nathan Hoobler's writing, but this was not one of his better episodes. I didn't like Marvin's part in this story. All the way through he had an attitude of not wanting to learn anything. He reminded me of the old days in AIO with Kurt Stephens. But the difference is, Kurt always made things interesting; Marvin just got annoying. And with this being the first (known) time that Bernard took an IS adventure, I was really hoping he would play a more interesting part in the story. But instead of experiencing the adventure himself, he was a lot more like a "conscience" who would conveniently pop up every now and then to give advice, which got distracting. I think overall the adventure would have been better had he not been in it (and that's hard to say since I like Bernard so much).

In general, the plot seemed rather empty. There wasn't much story there. And then there were times where the mood would drastically change to a "dramatic" feel with no transition time between the two moods. And the actors didn't really get into those moments. The scene could sound "intense," but the characters would continue as if nothing were happening. Even when they did get into it, there was still a lack of energy on their part in comparison to the intensity of the sound design.

Speaking of sound design, I realized with this episode just how important the audio effects are. It seemed like the sound designer was being creative with the audio mixing in this adventure, which was fine for the most part. But there were times when the "important" sounds were lost among the other effects in the scene. For example, I completely missed the part where Jeremiah was thrown into the cistern. My mind was distracted by what else was going on in the scene and I didn't hear the sound effect of him falling in. Later in the scene when I realized he was already at the bottom, I had to go back and re-listen to the scene to hear what I missed. It was pretty distracting and dislocated my mind from the story even more.

Another random comment: I'd thought the writers had finally gotten past those old Imagination Station jokes. I mean, seriously! Can't they just push the red button with the intention of pushing it, instead of trying to think of "creative" ways for the characters to hit it by mistake? Those jokes lost their humor years ago.

All in all, I don't think this episode was any one person's fault. The writing could have been better, but then so could have the acting. And the directing. And the sound design. It was a rather poor effort on everyone's part. If I were to say something I liked about this episode, it would be hearing Townsend Coleman's name listed in the credits. Oh, and the first scene! I'll definitely listen to the intro again. Marvin's "radio drama" line actually made me laugh.

2 stars. My lowest rating yet this season (and one of my longer reviews). ;)
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Postby Smaug the Dragon » Sat Oct 28, 2006 11:20 am

I was slightly disappointed.I had been looking forward to hearing Bernard tell a story but the imagination station way was ok I guess. One thing I thought strange was that Bernards name was part of the title and yet he was a very minor character which was also disappointing. I liked the story and the sound effects were good although maybe slightly overdone. I agree with Appelsauce the opening scene was very good.I had been waiting in tension while Marvin named Josephs brothers as it meant it would change the entire episode if he didn't name them all (do you get what I mean? That dosn't seem very clear. I really need to stop writing a reveiw on one episode while listening to another!) I gave this ep 3 stars.
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Postby LizzieG » Sat Oct 28, 2006 11:45 am

I was looking forward to hearing a Bernard story; after all, in the last seven years we've only had one! I was surprised and disappointed to find out that it was actually an Imagination Station adventure, especially since Marvin never got to find out how exciting a Bernard story really is :boohoo:

So, Bernard's minor role was disappointing, especially since his primary roles were to A) make witty comments about cleaning the palace and B) to explain things to Marvin and act as an all-around "conscience," as Applesauce said. It was as if AIO couldn't decide whether to make this an adventure or a story, so they threw in elements of both...which served more to bog things down than be a cool, creative new way to tell Bible stories.

Three stars.
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Postby Agent3xq » Sat Oct 28, 2006 12:06 pm

Well, to be honest I liked more than those who have reviewed before me. The idea to put Marvin and Bernard in an imagination station was a good idea and I was really excited about that. Unfortunately, I was a little disapppointed with how it turned out, but I didn't dislike it at all. I liked the role that Bernard played, and I thought he was really funny, especially when he said he got demoted for complaining about his equipment.:D I like how Marvin used the remote control, but that did seem to rush the story along. Maybe they could've made it a part 1 and part 2 story :-k I like how Marvin kept thinking he knew what was going to happen and then was wrong. I really enjoyed the moral to believe in what God has to say no matter how unreasonable it sounds.

I honestly selected 5 stars because of its moral and because I really like Bernard \:D/ but maybe I was little to lenient :-k
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Postby Jonathan » Sat Oct 28, 2006 5:55 pm

"Was I typecast or something?"

That would've been funny had it not been true. I agree with those that said it could've been a classic, but it wasn't. That first scene was a thing of beauty, it really was. But the rest was lacking.
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Postby Taq » Sun Oct 29, 2006 11:57 pm

Bernard in the Imagination Station—neat twist. Bernard still got to do some storytelling; I think the twist worked.

The fighting scene with Jeremiah and Marvin in the foreground was awesome. Jeremiah's scriptural discourse with Nebuchadnezzar's army bursting in the background—I wish it could have gone on!

This past Wednesday, my small group Bible study at school examined the story in Matthew 8:5-13 of the Roman centurion soldier having faith in Jesus on behalf of his sick servant. Jesus did indeed perform the long distance healing. During application time, God brought prayer to my mind. Keep praying even when you don't see results. Have faith that He is working through it. And it's not blind faith because I've seen Him work in tangible ways in my own life. So, there is the "even when you don't see results" common component. I liked the 70 years later scene that showed the restoration Jeremiah never saw.

During the scene of Jeremiah and Marvin's meeting, Marvin says, "That's awesome, I wish God would talk to me!" Did Marvin forget last week's "The Nudge" that quickly? :shame:

I wish the scene where the king threw Jeremiah's scroll into the fire had been bigger or more emotionally charged. Also, the cistern scene could have been made into a bigger deal.

I concur with those who said that the episode went a little too quickly. Still, the highlights were hit—I'm thinking of the scroll burning, the field buying, the cistern—and I don't know if I would have preferred a two-parter.

4 stars—though somewhat rushed, rock solid message I needed to hear delivered with great writing. I highly support the idea of Bernard and Nehemiah! \:D/
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Postby Robo » Tue Oct 31, 2006 9:14 am

I liked it okay, but it's not my favorite... I loved how Bernard was always cleaning up. But i was hoping for another episode that Bernard Tells a story... It was a nice twist on things, though.

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Postby Bennett » Tue Oct 31, 2006 3:28 pm

Daisy wrote:Bernard in the Imagination Station—neat twist. Bernard still got to do some storytelling; I think the twist worked.

The twist did work.

Everything with this show pretty much worked, however, I think the involvement with the bible story, and the amount of plot as a bible story was lacking.

Overall, pretty decent show.

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Postby GlennAdams » Tue Oct 31, 2006 4:48 pm

Another Bible story AIO!!! It was ok.... Definately not a Bernard and Joseph type of bible story but still good.
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Postby zuzus_petals » Sun Aug 26, 2007 12:16 pm

I think Bernard and Jeremiah was a good episode Image
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