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Postby GMarchiani » Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:20 pm

An Email From…

…Perilous Pen?!?

*puts on detective glasses*



“Richard Maxwell never intended to burn down Tom Riley’s barn.
What happened was that Blackgaard had an outburst the day before, and had come within an inch of socking Richard right in the face. The book described Blackgaard as utterly ferocious.
Richard suddenly realized what he was dealing with and it scared him. A lot. Up to this point, he hadn’t been scared at all, but now he was starting to realize the consequences of disobeying orders.
Richard goes to Whit’s End the next day and waits in a booth for Lucy. This is the part of the book where he reflects on his past – the stuff I gave Luke earlier about Mickey, Rachael, and Melissa. Richard is constantly thinking about Rachael. How she became corrupted by a guy named Brownlow. And he decides that he’s not going to help Blackgaard do that to Connie. He decides that they can all be happy – get Mr. Whittaker out of the way of the vote AND keep Connie safe – by using Lucy to get them back together.
He feels guilty about using Lucy – basically corrupting her too – but he justifies it in his own mind, saying that this is “different.”

Now the barn. Blackgaard explicitly told Richard to burn it down. Richard realized that Blackgaard just needed Tom to not show up to the city council meeting. He didn’t WANT to do more than necessary. He wanted to keep Blackgaard off his back, but he had NO intention of hurting Tom. He just wanted to make him stay and battle a harmless bonfire.
So, he snuck to the farm, waited until Tom left, ran around getting sticks to burn, put all those in a pile outside the barn, and doused them with kerosene.
The problem was, he was sloppy AND used way too much kerosene. As soon as he lit the pile, it fireballed and caught his shirt on fire. He had kerosene on it. So he yanked it off and tossed it.
Unfortunately, he tossed it right onto the hay next to the barn.

I don’t have what happened immediately after yet. That email is fake so don’t try and email that…
Sorry, I’m getting a kick out of being anonymous. Anyway. Exciting stuff. Buy the book. Do it. I’m going to buy all three even if it makes me go broke, Cross-Check especially is the best one so far.”

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I got this...
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