The Unseen Sign Ups

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The Unseen Sign Ups

Postby Scion's Light » Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:01 pm

If you're seeing this, you stand in the doorway of a new world decimated by war and laid to waste by human ingenuity. The world you know and love is gone, burned away by the greed of politicians and military minds. The Third World War was waged without the use of nuclear arsenal or biological warfare. Recognized as the ultimate doom to mankind, a new kind of weapon was created: Man. Through the brilliance of military desperation, the building blocks of humanity was discovered. In the war, artificial souls were generated through the biological generation of entire human beings from core DNA before mitosis ever begins. Due to the devastation of war, over 60% of the world's population was wiped from existence. Mysteriously, this was done due to spontaneous fires that raged in every major city in the world. One by one they erupted in fire, leaving nothing but ashes and ruin. From these ashes came forth a new organization called the Collective Omniscient Association of Terrestrial Sciences or Coats for short. Seizing control over the world's economy, political decision making processes, and society itself, the world was reborn into a new era of post-race (race as we know it is no longer an issue), post-class (economic disparity solved), and post-modern thinking (no more old world philosophy). Both species of human seemed to behave symbiotically at first. However, the military blueprint for an artificial human involved a "Double Soul", or two core personalities to be grafted into each other to work. The first is your personality type, such as "caring", or "intellectual", or even "passive" or "dark", these are the things that you feel no matter what you do and are moved towards naturally before you make any kind of decision. The second is linked to your decision making, such as "instinctual", or "thoughtful", or "altruistic". This often made the resulting creation highly unstable, but also extremely malleable to unusual genetic traits and abilities.

The only catch is that the world is no longer what it once was. Artificial humans (later known as the Unseen were made during the war to wage battle and improve on the human condition, and while that generation died out, the practice was continued on a limited basis by private firms. From terrible experiments to the natural propagation of artificial humans creating offspring and everything in between, the world is undecided about how to treat this Eugenics practice. In the end, human nature has a wanton desire to engage in conflict against what is not easily understood or controlled. During an Industrial Revolution event, a genocide of these artificial humans occurred, as ordered by a radical faction of the human population. While this faction was terminated by the Coats organization, there was a permanent ban on the pursuit of any knowledge regarding the double-soul Eugenics projects. Even so, artificial humans existed as an abnormality bearing some sort of abnormality that marked them as separate from natural humans, becoming known as the Unseen. Some Unseen were sensitive to sunlight. Others contained abnormal scarring from a sordid past. Others may have had some completely inhuman trait, either physical or mental. This discrimination led to a protection program led by the Coats, in which some artificial humans remain today. Others fled and created their own society within normal society, as some successfully live fulfilling and happy lives. Others fled into the Void, where they remain separate from all of the world within their own self-ordained sanctuary (or prison, depending on your perspective).

It is into this world that your mind and soul are placed. Do you have the courage to face the future of infinite opportunities, or will the past of this sordid existence catch up with you, and pull you down into the depths of despair? Be warned, the choices you make will affect the world around you in ways you could not possibly conceive. Beyond this, the choice is yours in how you make this new chance at life, and what it is you want to do with it.

Simple rules:
People often split up in stories and RPGs and different plots may develop. In this case, please agree on a calling card that you place at the top of your post to signify which arc is which so that people may search for and continue along that story that may be separate from others. Not everyone has to interact with everyone else, just have fun and make sure it's clear where and who you are doing things with for others.

This is a bio for the Coats organization should you choose to involve it or be in it.
The Coats organization has no literal head to police it, but functions off of the absolute values of terrestrial research and development within the realm of science. That means no religion, no philosophy of the old world, and no subjective matter may be allowed to be of absolute merit as a contributing factor for humanity. Almost anything goes when it comes to research, though fields of study are split up into different colored Coats. Ecology is multiple shades of green for example, geology is brown and grey and black with a red-orange highlight, genetics is black, technology is silver and black, politics is purple and blue, and so on and so forth. Questions of color may be asked anytime to avoid conflict of department. If you are a student, you can study anything, be anything (as long as it can be backed up logically). Just know that if you choose this faction, you will be automatically in opposition to most Unseen individuals. You can be artificial, or natural, but not both and either origin has ups and downs that come with it. Students who are educated do one of two things:

If you want to go into the Coats organization, which happens to be the focus almost half of all students study for, just know that there is a program of exploration that all students must do. Students must go out into the world an investigate a phenomena or do a project that interests them and submit the findings to the Coats. As long as it results in something learned, most are accepted.

2) The other half is domestic skills such as artisan works, literature, theater, and other non-science related cultural topics.

Okay, as for the Unseen...
This group of individuals is totally different from previously described. They can learn in class and stuff of course, but many are marked by their genetics or by society. Basically, they can have "super powers", such as memory, reflex, and even some super unusual ones such as the ability to effect their environment through some other means. If you do this, please be sure to explain some kind of mechanism that allows them to do so. If you want to be an earth bender for example, explain how and why this can occur. This is mainly for the real world, the Void is a totally different story. I'll include a character of my own as an example.

The Void...
A space in which all perceptions are nullified. You cannot hear anything, see anything, you cannot speak, and you cannot feel another's presence. No light shines in this realm, as it is darker than the abyss itself. It is the only way into the Sanctuary of the Unseen and cannot be taken lightly, for a mysterious and powerful being lurks in this realm that has a severe disdain for anyone who stays too long or goes down the wrong paths in this tunnel system. There are also dangers such as the Blight, a mushroom looking phenomena that cannot be destroyed but by immolation or light shining on the core of its root system. The Blight shuts down the nervous system of the affected, making every inch of their body numb until suffocation or cardiac arrest occurs. Affected individuals cannot be cured. One may however use a camera or robot to peer into the Void to see, but these devices are often swiftly destroyed by the mysterious being, who then follows the signal back to whomever was piloting the robot.

A place who's origin no one knows. It is a vast land with grassy plains, mountain ranges, deep caverns, and everything in between. They say those with a strong mind can make their own pocket world within the Sanctuary through a harmless Void door. Society works very differently here, and there should be enough room to make up cities and towns of people. There can be no war here, nor murder or crime lest you want a certain someone to come chasing after you... The only entrance to this place is through the mysterious stranger's passage of the Void. Only the Unseen who have been born inside Sanctuary or those who receive the stranger's blessing may see in the Void to navigate, but that's not always the only way to make it through... Do with this place what you will, it is a kind of paradise after all.

Character sheet:



Origin: (Natural, Artificial, or other)

Order: (Coats, Unseen, Civilian, or other)

Physical Appearance:

Special Skills: (stay logical please, you can go a bit crazy, but shapeshifting into animals and such is a bit of a stretch)

Interesting Facts:

Background (optional):

Other: (anything that doesn't fit into any of these categories)

Page subject to updates...

-- Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:36 pm --

Name: Echo Series 1

Gender: Male

Origin: Other


Physical Appearance: Snow white hair and blood red eyes, like that of an albino. He's average height and if looked at through a photograph, totally unassuming or particularly noticeable excepting his albino features. He likes to wear t-shirts and jeans as his preferred apparel and doesn't like to dress up unless the situation calls for it. His facial expression, while normally neutral, may twist and contort itself into a freakish Cheshire grin and glowing, fire-engine red eyes due to heightened blood flow and the alterations made to his body.

Special Skills: Perfect Mnemonic Memory, he can remember absolutely every detail about everything he has ever been exposed to and recreate it perfectly within his own body. He can copy a person's nuanced mannerisms down to the nerve cell, creating the illusion that despite his appearance he is actually someone familiar and totally different. He's highly unstable as a twin Intellectual and Instinct soul type, and as such performs best as a reconnaissance and field agent for the Unseen.

Interesting Facts: He only listens to his brother, Brahms, for instructions and advice. He considers everyone else inferior or not worth his time, unless they happen to capture his fascination.

Background: Echo and his "brother" Brahms were an attempt to eliminate the imperfection of human memory and performance through the use of old military DNA mapping blueprints recovered from the Third World War. Echo was the first person in existence to gain the Mysterious Stranger's blessing in the Void, and it is said that he prefers to love and explore the tunnels of this strange world more than exist in any kind of reality otherwise.

Other: He loves music and seeing people suffer and succeed. He is not adverse to becoming a mentor for others, or an example for them to follow, but his attention span for such things is limited, and he can only emulate certain emotions for so long before his mind starts to tear itself apart from the strain.
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Re: The Unseen Sign Ups

Postby Blitz » Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:40 pm

Name: Soran WarriorBorn


Origin: Artificial Twin souls

Order: Coats

Physical Appearance: With long white hair and blue eyes, his appearance is frightening especially with is height of 6'4. A jagged scar runs from his eye to his chin adding to his fierce appearance. It was in-grafted to him when he was created. He generally wears a trench coat to with high collar that hides his scar.

Special Skills: With an enhanced body, his neurons fire twice as fast as the normal human allowing him to react much faster than any one else. The draw back is even his enhanced body can't keep up with his sense forcing him to keep working out each day to be able to use his speed.

Interesting Facts: Although, he is only twenty, his first soul, an assassin, was at the time of his death, forty. Even though his newer soul has dominance, the assassin's soul provides most of his tactical abilities which is why he can't fully crush his other soul. They don't live in peace with the assassin constantly attacking him in his mind slowly creating a darkness him which he tries to hold back.

Background (optional): He was a late experiment created for war. The lab he was in however was taken over by Coats, and he was transferred to there care. When they realized his potential, he was sent to into training to become one of their enforcers.

Other: (anything that doesn't fit into any of these categories)
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Re: The Unseen Sign Ups

Postby Monty_Whittaker » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:14 pm

Jared William Bell
Physical Appearance: At a height of 6'7, Jared is a very tall human and one of the smartest students in the Coats. He has green eyes and dirty blonde hair.
Special Skills:

Interesting Facts:

Background (optional):

Other: (anything that doesn't fit into any of these categories)
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