The Field of Dreams!

Roleplay with your characters!

The place where role players come to play! If you want to start an interactive war, chat with real citizens of the town, or find other uses for your faction, this field can accommodate those desires. As with anything else, please try to keep your role playing appropriate... but you're still welcome to have a little fun!

The Field of Dreams!

Postby Bart Rathbone » Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:21 am

Hiya there guys!

So you's all here for the roleplaying 'eh? I tried to get 'em to let me host these things at the Electric Palace (where you can satisfy all of your role playing needs!) but dem big heads at City Hall told me I didn't got no license! So instead, they told me to use this old field, which I guess will have to do. I'm even told I have to pay you's when you post! I mean come on.

So you's have fun and don't come a whining to me if you get upstaged by some hot shot role playing kinda guy!

I got this...
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