Team Phoenix Platform

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Team Phoenix Platform

Postby Monty » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:34 pm

Hey everyone! Monty and I are here to say hi! And hopefully we'll say bye in 5 months! We have an excellent campaign manager that can do graphics now! :) Thanks, Mercy.

Whitty Whit!:Hey everyone. I'm Whitty Whit, also known as Jeremy or Jerms. I have officially been on here a little over a year, but I was gone for a while. In the time I've been here, I have served as a moderator for AE and Laura Ingalls during ENLVIEN! \:D/ I've enjoyed my time here on the ToO, and I hope that we can continue having a great experience while we're still active! I'll serve as Mayor!

Monty!:Hi, I'm Monty. I've been a member of this wonderful board for eight months, during which time I have got to know a lot of you. My goal for this term is to continue to fellowship with many of you while keeping this board in fine working order and maybe even trying out some new things! I'll serve as Chief of Police!

And I need to announce that our campaign manager is IDance! \:D/ Thanks IDJ, to be willing to help out!

Some of our ideas! We'll post more later, but not to worry, we have a whole lot more. :)


The First ToO Bible Bowl!: We will divide you into teams and give you assorted questions over many different Biblical events. The twist to this game is that the team with the fewest total points will be eliminated each day, after which we will randomize the teams again. We will continue until only a few people are left, at which point each one is guaranteed $100 and will be able to play for $500.


Photo of the Week!: You, the citizens of this lovely town, will send your funny, inspiring, or otherwise uplifting photos. Each week, I will pick one to go in the "Photo of the Week" thread. The winner will get $20 and the joy of seeing their photo in the "Photo of the Week" thread. At the end of our term, we will have a poll to induct one of the Photos into the Hall of Fame, where they will remain in Finneman's until people no longer feel the need to comment on them!

Odyssey Hangman!: The first ToO wide hangman! I'm pretty sure all of you know how to play this simple game. But there are special rules involved.. If you get a letter wrong, you have to pay a fine or get to wear a "Don't feed the troll" avatar for 2 days! If you guess the entire clue and if you're wrong, you pay a bigger fine or get to wear a "Don't feed the troll" signature for 5 days! So step right up! You know you'll want to play!


Christmas Musical!: Who doesn't love some good Christmas music? This gives you the opportunity to showcase your musical talents. The only rule is that the music must be Christmas related. A poll will be set up where we can vote on the assorted entrants, and the winner and runner-up will each get $100!

New Year's Day!: To celebrate the beginning of the end of the world, each post you make in Finneman's Market will give you an additional $5! (Spam will NOT be tolerated.)

ToO Scavenger Hunt: Image Edition: We will hide an image somewhere on the board and give you a clue to find it. There is a time limit however. Anyone who does not find the image before the designated time limit will not continue to the next round but will receive a complimentary $15 for participating. If you find the image in time, you will advance to the next round and be eligible for more money. The amount received for not finding the image increases each round. The maximum reward will be $50. However, to make sure that you'll want to stay in the game, the person who uses the least total time to find the images over the course of one week will receive an additional $100![/quote]

The Weakest Link!: This popular game show has been aired in many countries and hopefully will soon be coming to a ToO near you! Will you be able to answer the questions quickly enough; or will your teammates think you are the weakest member and vote you off? Find out on this quest for $1,000, the Weakest Link![/quote]

But the only way for us to actually do these activities is for us to be elected. In order to be elected, we need funds! If you want to, you can donate to Monty or me! Monty and I don't have enough combined, so we need you to help out!

If we get elected, we have to appoint moderators. Some qualities of our moderator choices are:
  • Willing to serve without being noticed
  • Humble
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Active on the ToO
  • Mature
  • And other good qualities!

If you wish to design or make some banner/avatars/signatures/rankbars for Phoenix, we will greatly appreciate it! And if we win, we'll make sure your work won't go unnoticed!

*sigh* I KNEW I shouldn't have returned all of the money that was donated. :( But then again, people may have had a change of opinion. :P Whatever. If you feel like donating a second time around, go for it. \:D/

And I don't think this is all of our ideas... Due to the recent events, I kind of forgot if we had more ideas.. They may be floating around in our pms, though.

If you have an idea for an event, please, feel free to share it. We may end up doing it.
These events/ideas/adaptations of ideas/slogans/names are the property of Team Phoenix. Please do not use them in any way/shape/form without consulting with Monty and/or myself. Thank you.
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