NHL Playoff Qualification Tournament

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NHL Playoff Qualification Tournament

Postby bookworm » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:13 pm

The NHL season is about to resume and it appears they're jumping right into a round robin qualifier for the playoff spots, so essentially the playoffs begin now with a special series of series to get into the usual series.

(If this is incorrect someone who has a clearer understanding of where the season left off and the plans for starting it up again, probably Catspaw, please inform me of what's actually going on. This schedule is the clearest breakdown of what's upcoming that I could find but it doesn't make complete sense to me.)

These games are all being put up on various tv channels just like the postseason series are, it really is basically an extension to the playoff tournament, so I'm getting the Chatroom channel set up for hopefully hosting some game chats. More info will be posted when I have a better understanding of how all this is going to play out.
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Re: NHL Playoff Qualification Tournament

Postby Catspaw » Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:48 pm

Woohoo! Hockey is back! \:D/

Even the NHL itself has been confusing about whether this is the playoffs, the regular season, or technically not really either one but an extra thing after the prematurely ended regular season and before the actual playoffs. ;) It's no wonder most of the rest of us are a little unsure what to call it! To make things fair, since the regular season ended with different teams having played different numbers of games, this in between stuff is to decide which teams make the playoffs. The NHL has 31 teams. Usually the top 16 make the playoffs. There are 24 teams involved in the current round that are playing playoff-style to determine the top 16 to move on to the actual playoffs.

The NHL is using a bubble system, with all 24 teams playing out of either Edmonton or Toronto, with strict screening, regular Covid testing, and limited areas that players can access to keep everyone as safe as possible. The arenas will be empty - no fans. I'm hoping that with all the effort that has been put into safety that everyone will stay well and they'll actually be able to complete the playoffs! (Besides the part where I actually just want everyone to be healthy!)

I'm super excited and looking forward to cheering loudly for the next couple of months!
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