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Postby Petrichor » Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:59 pm

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I've been thinking about the people in my life I'm thankful for, and without a doubt, Lisa is one of the people I'm most grateful for. Because her birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year, I've been thinking about her a lot, and I wanted to share this with you. I was going to post it a year or so ago, but I didn't for some reason. It feels appropriate today. I'm always amazed to see how many lives she touched, and I'm so thankful I was able to call her my friend. :)

I didn't actually know Lisa on the ToO, but through another little forum called *dundundun* CBH, and then after that through emails and the little off-shoot forum that popped up after CBH shut down. When SNC passed away, our forum put together a tribute for her. I thought some people might like to read it, and remember how much she meant to the people she touched.

Lisa (Better known to to the members of CBH Connection as StrongNChrist) has passed away, but the memory of her lives on in the hearts of her friends on the CBH Connection message board. She was a popular member and the recipient of the Best RPGer and the Coolest Member Awards. These awards tell something about her, but not enough. To make up for this, we have included some memorials to SNC, written by members of CBH Connection.

StrongNChrist was one of the kindest people I've ever known. When I was very new on the CBH message boards, she invited me and several other newbies to participate in an invite-only RPG. When I think back on posts I made on that RPG, it's painfully obvious why experienced RPers seldom want to do RPGs with newbies. And yet she did so willingly. That was how I really began to get to know her, and even though my own awful writing in those early days makes me cringe, the thoughtful offer of a kind girl makes me smile, and miss that girl all the more.
-Éowyn (Lydia)

StrongNChrist was a very big help to me when I felt depressed. We private messaged back and forth and she comforted me and really helped me through my time of distress. Thank you very much SNC. Even though I didn't know you personally, I will miss you alot. We will all miss you.
Thank you,
Hyper~Kid (Jonathan)

SNC will be greatly missed, but it is oh-so-good to know that we will get to meet her some day.

All those little petty arguments we had about how she poked fun at how I lived in Africa or how I hated that she used smilies in place of periods seem so...trivial. She was going to run for mayor [of the ToO] in a few months, but..well, she won't anymore. So, even though she can't see this, I just want to say thank you to her for being my friend, along with all the other people she knew. She was truly strong in Christ

StrongNChrist (Lisa) and I have known each other for several years. She was a wonderful Christian girl that I am proud to have called my friend. She was an extremely funny person, and I don't know how many times over the years she has made a smile come to my face . StrongNChrist was also an excellent author and I will miss reading her writings. Though she is now gone, everyone who knew her will keep their memories of her tucked away in their hearts. I hope to see her again one day walking on those beautiful streets of gold.
-Friend of God

StrongNChrist (Lisa) was exactly that. Strong in Christ. She inspired me so much with her walk with God. Her life was for God. I don't know if she still wanted to be one, but at one stage she wanted to be a missionary nurse. And I though 'Wow.' because I could never do anything like that.

But she wasn't just someone who walked with the Lord, to me. She was one of the very first people that I met on CBH. She was warm and friendly. She was in the first RPG I ever joined. When I made myself look silly because I had the whole idea of a RPG wrong, she told me that it was alright and that she didn't mind at all. She was one of the people who went on to inspire me to take part in countless RPGs. She was so good at it. She had such a wonderful imagination.

I consider some of the people that I have met on CBH to be like my siblings. I looked up to SNC as if she were my big sister. I'm really going to miss her. I already am. You'd think that it's all a bit silly really. I've never met her in real life. Never even properly spoken to her before. But somehow, despite that, she managed to impact my life. And I thank her for it.

I know she's up there watching over everyone now. No shadow of a doubt. I'll never forget her. Ever. But at least she's in a much better place. The most beautiful place ever created. With the three most amazing people that ever existed. I hope that one day I'll get to meet her there.
-God_is_AMAZING (Cassandra)

She was a great friend, and was very helpful to me when my father died last year. I loved her inspiration, and her imagination. She was always helpful, encouraging, and a true believer of Jesus Christ. I miss her already, though I'm glad she is now alive in Christ.
-Scars of Time

Though these quotes cannot entirely paint a picture of StrongNChrist, they are still a beautiful testimony to her. Perhaps her life can be summed up in one her last messages to CBH Connection member Sapphira Adi (Rosie): "At work today I had a resident ask me why I would enjoy doing all that heavy lifting and work and I told her that I really enjoyed helping people. She then looked at me, smiled, and said that she guessed I was in the right job. Man, I love that place. All that hard work is worth it just to see one of them smile." I truly believe that StrongNChrist would say that her life was worth it just to see one person smile.
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Re: Thankful

Postby bookworm » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:04 pm

Thank you for sharing this! It's wonderful to see that another community also honored her memory.
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Re: Thankful

Postby American Eagle » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:56 am


I still haven't forgotten SNC... probably never will.
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Re: Thankful

Postby Catspaw » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:42 pm

What a wonderful and sweet tribute! Thanks for sharing it, Petrichor. :)
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Re: Thankful

Postby snubspaw » Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:25 pm

I still think about her. She really did touch so many people in positive ways. <3 I'm grateful I got to know her through this forum.
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