Guide to the ToO forums

Come here to voice your comments, concerns, and questions with the mayor and their aides!

Guide to the ToO forums

Postby bookworm » Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:36 am

This is a guide to the main forums here so you know what goes where.

City Hall
Forum Description wrote:Are you new in town? Unfamiliar with what to do first? Pop in and take a look at several helpful guides to get you settled into your new home! You'll also find Mayoral announcements to keep you abreast of the latest developments!
This forum is for major announcements and news. It is locked; only admins can post in it.

Places of interest:
The ToO Rules can be found in this forum.
A ToO Guide that walks new users through site features and functions.

The Steps of City Hall
Forum Description wrote:Come here to voice your comments, concerns, and questions with the mayor and his aides!
A subforum of City Hall, this area is for any threads that relate to specific things concerning the message board itself or its members. For example, questions about the ToO can be posted in here and new members can introduce themselves here.

Places of interest:
Questions for Catspaw is a thread where you can ask our permanent admin things.
The current elected admins also have a question thread in this forum.
The Topic Hall of Fame is a tribute to threads that members hold to be significant.

The City Records

This isn’t actually a forum, it’s a link to the ToO page on AIOWiki. This page contains some information on ToO history and past administrations.

The Newspapers
Forum Description wrote:Come and check out the newspapers of the Town of Odyssey! New and archived issues are all available here.
This subforum holds threads for member-created newspapers about the site.

The ToO Hall of Power

This is a display commemorating the past ToO administrations. It contains information on the Mayors, Chiefs of Police, and Police Officers, (admins and moderators), that have served our Town.

Finneman's Market
Forum Description wrote:If there's something on your mind that just doesn't seem to fall into any of the other categories, well, it quite likely belongs inside Joe Finneman's marketplace. Think of it as a general store for general discussions!
As the description suggests, this forum holds anything that doesn’t fit in the other ones. If you’re unsure where to post about a general subject, you can’t go wrong posting it here.

Truth and Trivia! (Second Edition)
Forum Description wrote:Want to get to know members of the town a little better? Why not take one of their quizzes... or post one of your own!
This subforum of Finneman’s holds online quizzes members have created.

The Web Library
Forum Description wrote:This is the place for Odyssey-related websites or any other site that has been submitted to The Librarian.
This subforum is an index of various other AIO websites.

Whit's End
Forum Description wrote:Whit's wiping down the counter, Connie's mopping the floor, and the kids are sipping on their milkshakes. If you want to talk about Adventures in Odyssey the radio drama, this is the spot to do just that!
As you can probably guess, threads about Adventures In Odyssey go in this forum.

Episode Reviews
Forum Description wrote:Archived reviews of Adventures in Odyssey episodes!
Member reviews of AIO episodes are held in this subforum.

Reviewing The Official Guide
Forum Description wrote:A place to review, discuss, analyze and appreciate the chapters within the new Official Guide in an organized manner.
This subforum is for discussion of the AIO Guide.

The Podcast Room
Forum Description wrote:The place to discuss all of the AIO-related podcasts!
Threads about various AIO podcasts are found in this subforum.

Harlequin Theatre
Forum Description wrote:Inside the theatre you're welcome to discuss your favorite television shows, musical artists, video games, books, movies, or anything popular culture!
This forum is for any media related threads. Books, movies, tv shows, games, music, it all goes in here.

Places of interest:
The Motion Picture Archives lists movies that already have threads so you can find and post in them instead of starting new ones.

Hillingdale Haven
Forum Description wrote:They say some members are crazy... and this board shows us why! No money can be earned within the asylum, but if you would like to rate avatars, write fan fiction, or just be wacky, this is the spot for you!
It’s hard to describe the kinds of threads that go in this forum, you just know them when you see them. If a thread isn’t really meant to spark real discussion, it’s just to act weird and mess around, it gets put in here so the craziness doesn’t take over the rest of the site.

The Padded Room
Forum Description wrote:A holding cell for the craziest of crazy threads. Anything goes here as long as nobody gets hurt!
A subforum of Hillingdale, this is a place for threads that are so close to spam they need another level of separation. Threads with no conversation at all, just incessant posting, go in here. For example, counting threads or rating threads.

Questions for...
Forum Description wrote:The place for all those "Questions for this fascinating user" threads so they're all in one place!
In this subforum of Hillingdale members can create threads where other members ask them questions about pretty much anything.

Gower's Field
Forum Description wrote:The place where role players come to play! If you want to start an interactive war, chat with real citizens of the town, or find other uses for your faction, this field can accommodate those desires. As with anything else, please try to keep your role playing appropriate... but you're still welcome to have a little fun!
This forum is for RPGs that members create and participate in.

Gower's Roleplaying Chat
Forum Description wrote:Come and join us for some chatroom roleplaying. Make sure to sign up with Iron and Light for the current RPG being played in the chatroom before joining.
This isn’t actually a forum, it’s a link to the channel in the ToO Chatroom designated for live RPGs. These days it is all but defunct.

Gower's Field Archive
Forum Description wrote:These historical documents chronicle the colorful past of Gower's Field fun.
This subforum holds the threads of completed RPGs. It is locked; new threads and posts cannot be made here.

ToO Mafia
Forum Description wrote:Evil has struck the ToO--whodunnit? Roleplay ToO Mafia and find out!
This subforum of Gower’s holds a running series of Mafia Game RPGs.

Odyssey 105
Forum Description wrote:This forum is home to contests of all various shapes and sizes. Members are welcome to start and participate in contests on this board.
Members can run their own contests and games in this forum.

Crestwood Avenue
Forum Description wrote:Have something you'd like to sell? Want to purchase user created goods? This stretch of road is where all the merchants set up shop!
In this forum members can have a thread where they make and sell or giveaway items like avatar and signature sets.

Second Church of Odyssey
Forum Description wrote:At the Second Church of Odyssey you'll find different ways of expressing your beliefs, finding prayer support or being encouraged through regular devotionals.
This forum is for threads about religious subjects.

Historical note:
The forum is called the Second Church because the First Church of Odyssey was destroyed during the build up to the Regisville Story Arc.

Bible Room
Forum Description wrote:A place to discuss Scripture, spiritual life, and day-to-day issues.
This subforum of the Church is for threads about the Bible.

Prayer Closet
Forum Description wrote:Share your prayer requests here.
Members can post prayers in this subforum.

Memory Garden
Forum Description wrote:Memories are to treasure and to thank God for.
This subforum is for threads dedicated to remembering our members who have passed away.

Historical Note:
This subforum was created after the untimely passing of StrongNChrist as a place to keep threads about her, and inevitably other members who will one day also no longer be with us.

The Ruins of the Town of Odyssey
Forum Description wrote:The remains of some of this town's glorious history.
When a special event like a Story Arc, seasonal celebration, or temporary contest is going on, sometimes it will have its own forum to hold the threads relating to it. Once the event concludes, those temporary forums are moved in here for archiving. This forum and the forums in it are locked; no new threads or posts can be made in them.

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