The Odyssey Post Edition 2!

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The Odyssey Post Edition 2!

Postby Hakeber BC Rathbne Doyle » Thu May 10, 2007 4:03 am



Second Edition- Many more to come!
Odyssey Post Editor
A Story by Kat Doyle
Copyright (c) 2007 Kat Doyle. All rights reserved.

I grabbed my disk book and took out my ultimate favorite CD. Then I
snatched Dad’s video camera before he could ask what I was doing. As I set up
the tripod and put the camcorder on the stand, I just pictured the outcome of
this. I opened the CD drive on my karaoke machine and popped in the disk, hit
record on the camera, and danced like never before.
I ended with my prize-winning smile and stopped the recording
session. Grabbing the tape, I stuck it in the shipping envelope
labeled, “American Dance Society”.
“I hope this gets me somewhere!” I said as I walked down our long
driveway to the iris-covered mailbox. I stuffed the envelope in to the box
and put up the flag.
As I walked in the door, Mom yelled, “Do you want Mac N’ Cheese or
Grilled Cheese, Kasey?” from the kitchen.
I strutted in to the kitchen where Mom was standing in front of our
quaint little pantry.
“Uhh, well. I don’t really care. I guess I’ll have Mac N’ Cheese.”
Down the stairs, I yelled, “How ‘bout you Emily? Mac N’ Cheese or Grilled
“My big sister took her gaze away from the computer screen just long
enough to say, “Mac N’ Cheese” before returning to her blogs and instant
When Mom went upstairs to check on the “big” New York Yankees vs. the
Detroit Tigers game, I stayed and stirred the “stew” as I like to call it.
Baseball is SO overrated.
By the way, to me, life is all about dance. My whole life revolves
around dance! Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Lyrical; you name it, I’ve done it.
I have 5 dance classes a week. Monday is possessed by Hip Hop, 4 hours of it.
Tuesday is Tap and Jazz. Thursday is Ballet and Friday is lyrical!
“Em! Food’s ready!” I yelled to my sister.
Ten minutes later, Emily walked up the stairs. She walked over to the
stove with a green plastic bowl in her hand and she got her food. With out
even looking at me, she headed back to the computer desk.
“You’re WELCOME!” I cried after her. Gosh, teenagers.
I hadn’t finished, when my big, and I do mean BIG, brother walked in
the door. His name is Kevin. He’s in 8th grade and is already 6’ 6”. He plays
defense on his school heavyweight football team.
“Hey Kasey, if Krystal calls, tell her I’m waiting for her at the
mall in our usual meeting spot. K?”
“Krystal is Kevin’s girlfriend. They go on dates by riding their
bikes wherever they want to go.
“Yeah, whatever.” I replied, trying to read the comics.
Kevin grabbed his helmet and left as quickly as he came in: as slow
as a 3-toed sloth.
I finished my lunch and went to the living room with my phone and
school directory. I yelled to Mom, “Hey Mom? I’m getting a game of capture
the flag together, Alright?”
“Okay honey!” she yelled back from the family room where she was
watching Ohpra Winfree. She’s mad in love with it.
I opened up to the first page of the directory. I turned and turned
until I got to the “K” page. I wasn’t until I was dialing the number that I
realized I didn’t need the directory for the number I was calling. Tara
Kerry: my best friend.
It rang. Then her brother, Brad, picked up.
“Hey, it’s Kasey! Tara home?”
“Yeah, hang on a sec!” He said as he put down the phone. “Tara!
PHONE!” he yelled up the stairs.
Tara came on the line, “Hey Kasey, sup?”
“I’m getting a CtF game together. Wanna join?” I asked eagerly.
“Uhh, yeah sure. Nothing’s on the schedule today!”
“For once” I thought. “Okay! 3 o’clock at my house!”
Let me explain a little about Tara and mui! We met in kindergarten.
Our cubbies were right next to each other and I kept grabbing her homework. I
ended up having to drive to her house at least once a week. And that was just
the beginning.
Then in first grade, we both signed up for the same hip-hop, tap, and
ballet classes. Mom got sick of driving me, so I’d walk to Tara’s house and
get a ride the rest of the way there. We were also in the same school class.
In second grade, the relationship grew even more. Tara moved in to
the house next door that year and that’s where she is now. That was also the
year that she stuffed on of my sandbox toys down the sewer in my backyard.
In third grade, we had EVERYTHING in common. Same clothes, same
haircuts, same dance schedule, we even liked and disliked the same foods.
That continued on through fourth grade.
In fifth grade, Tara also developed a crush on the same boy as me.
You know, I share many things with her, but this is one thing I’d rather keep
to myself.
Sixth grade just got better. We had the same schedule and our lockers
were right next to each other. Thankfully we were able to pick our own seats!
And here we are, the summer after sixth grade. Now let me pull you
back in.
“Okay! I’ll see you then!” Tara said and she hung up.
Then I called all my friends from school and I was able to form
teams. Each with 6 people. It was going to be so sweet.
“HEY! He’s past no-man’s-land!!! GET HIM!” I screamed.
Everybody was running around, trying to plot against the other team
or trying to get around them to their flag. Though it might seem like chaos
to everybody else, but to us, its AWSOME chaos! Everyone was having fun.
Just then, Tara crossed the boundaries back into our land
squealing, “I got the flag! I got it! We won! We won!”
Our whole team swarmed around Tara along with the other team edging
closer to make sure it wasn’t a joke.
David from the other team said, “Yeah, she’s got it. Water break!”
and we all went inside.
Now Emily was sitting at the kitchen table text messaging on her cell
phone with one of her friends. She asked, “So, who won?”
Psh, as if she really cares. “My team did,” making it sound as
obvious as pawsible.
“Well, next time you play, clue me in alright?”
I Shrugged.
After our water break, we went outside and played capture the flag
until 6ish. Then we switched to ghost in the graveyard until everybody’s
parents arrived. Everyone said they had a great time! I had to agree with
them. It was one of the best times of my life.
When everyone was gone, I went inside, changed in to my dance outfit,
and set one of our timers right next to my head. I fell asleep with a smile
on my face.
I awoke fuzzy, wondering how long I had been asleep. I looked at the
clock. 7:15 pm. Okay, I was asleep for half an hour. Not too b- WAIT!!! I was
15 minutes late for dance! Upstairs, Mom was watching TV. “MOM!! I need to
get to dance! NOW!”
We rushed into the car and raced towards the dance studio. While we
were going around a corner, I suddenly felt my head hit the dashboard. I was
out like a light. I heard loud noises around me. Voices giving order, like a
catastrophe and just happened. What happened? I felt my body being lifted
from…where am I?

A tribute to Shadowpaw
For being a totally evil Admin!
By Hakeber

*dramatic and scary music, thunder in teh background*
I'm the evil dictator

Shadowpaw Fan club:

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah-Yeah

I'm the evil dictator
I'm the board creator,
I'm the RPG-Maker

Anti-Shadowpaw Club:

No, No, no-no

All: Shadowpaw! Yeah, YEah, YEah Shadowpaw

He's completely evil!

Shadowpaw Fan Club:

Noway, Noway!

I am evil

Shadowpaw Fan Club:

Noway, Noway!

Shadowpaw Anti-Club
We hate him,
We wanna be admin
He needs to fix his plumbing
He's the terrible!

Shadowpaw Fan club:
He's really, really cool!
He makes us super super drool
We'll use him as a tool,
To make him buy us a mule!


*Loud crash and lightning strikes *

The mood change and a new hip-hop type music comes on. Everyone shakes their bottoms and disco dances

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah SHADOWPAW


EVIL, Evil, Evil!

Cool, Cool, Cool!



Music suddenly changes to sad and dramatic music


I will never surrender! NEVER! AHHHHHH

*shadowpaw falls down fainting*

*everyone else faints*

*curtains close the end*

A Tribute to Top
Who is getting married

By Hakeber

*Top is wearing broadway-style black top-hat-black-suit-and-black-walking-cane-with-white-top.*

*CA is wearing a pretty wedding dress*

*the other ladies of Odyssey are behind them in polka dot skirts that reach to their knees and flaring red-and-white polka dot shirts. Their hair is tied up into two cute little ponytails at the ears and they are wearing bright yellow heeled shoes. They are the back-up singers*

*background- broadway stage*

*music is simply dandy*

Top: My name is Top

Ladies: Top-Top-Top

Top: I'm' the Top Crusader

*Top dances around the stage in a sort of broadway dance with his walking stick*

*ladies do a nice broadway dancing-background singers stuff like *

Ladies: The Top Crusader

CA in melodious voice: And I'm the Connnnnnntineeeental AAAAAaaaadmiral

*music stops and everyone stares at CA*

*music turns a little more marchy *

Top continues suddenlt, trying to sound like Mr. Doolittlein My Fair Lady but failing entirely "I'm the TOP CRUsader and I"M getting MARRIED IN THE MORNING!"

CA: Ding-dong the bells are gonna chime!

Ladies: Chime, Chimes, The bells are gonne chime for the Top Crusader.

Top: Elect me for mayor,

CA: Say another prayer,

Top and CA: But get us to the church on timeeeeee

Ladies: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Top: Get us to the church

CA: Get us to the church

Ladies: Get them to the church on timmeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ladies chant: Uhuh uhuh uhuh....


*top and ca suddenly start ballroom dancing*

*top twirls ca and takes her hand. *

*they walk off 'into the sunset' *

*top turns his head back and says*

TOP: Toodle-doo

*Top turns about and then the curtain slowly closes.*

*while the curtain closes the ladies go*

Ladies 'softly': Get them to the church... on.... timeeeeeeeeeee."




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This is the second edition of the paper. How do you like it? Send all comments to Hakeber BC Rathbne Doyle. We’ll be happy to post them here.

To: Odyssey Post
From: Sonny
Yeah... you guys are so boring I fall asleep scrolling down to read the coments

To Odyssey Post
From Anon
You guys light up my ToO life. You make me sleep

Hakeber BC Rathbne Doyle


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Postby Catspaw » Thu May 10, 2007 10:34 am

I enjoyed your story, Danae, and I definitely hope that we get to read more soon! \:D/ You've obviously put a lot of work into it!

Some of the other material looked familiar ;) but it was still interesting! :D
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