Making Prayer Thoughts List: Advice Needed!

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Making Prayer Thoughts List: Advice Needed!

Postby Young&Mighty » Fri May 22, 2015 6:49 am


Over the past week, I started realizing that I wasn't relying enough on God to fully understand where I was going with my life and where I am now.

So I decided to make some documents based on what I wanted to pray for. Career being one document and relationships being another for example. Each document looks like this:

(Insert topic)

Things to pray about:
God's Will (looking out for what God wants):
Answers to prayers:
Bible Verse of encouragement:

Thing is, I feel as though I'm missing something. If you guys can help me figure out what's missing, I'll be very grateful!
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Re: Making Prayer Thoughts List: Advice Needed!

Postby Countess » Fri May 22, 2015 5:37 pm

I recently heard a sermon on prayer where it was encouraged that we should sing before we pray. In Psalms it talks about singing as an offering brought before God when we enter His courts; praise is considered by God to be of great value.

Just a thought--not sure if that is what you are looking for or not... I have lots to learn on this subject myself.
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