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Weekly Chatroom Prayer Meetings starting March 20th

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:36 pm
by bookworm
You may be aware of the monthly prayer meetings we hold in the Chatroom. It's a truly wonderful thing that I'm so glad we do; it has helped myself and others find calm when certain things in life are hard or uncertain, knowing you're with people who genuinely care about your concerns and want to join you in prayer to help you through them.

In this truly unprecedented situation with the coronavirus, with so much panic and disruption going on across the world, I feel we should do more to be together as a community since whatever is happening with restrictions on real life gatherings we are able to come together here virtually. Whether you think the virus situation is being overblown or not, it's undeniable that it's already had and will seemingly only continue to have an immeasurable effect on people worldwide. We need to know we're not alone in this chaos.

So, starting this Friday, I will be leading weekly prayer meetings in the #prayer channel in the Chatroom. Every Friday at 9pm Eastern
(If there is a significant number of people who would want to attend these but that day/time does not work for you please let me know and it can be changed, this was just what I decided on for the initial schedule.)

These meetings will have the same structure as the usual monthly meetings, people can be as open and specific or as general with their prayer requests as they are comfortable. The primary focus will be group prayer for the state of the world overall and any virus related individual prayer requests that come up, but requests about anything can of course be brought in. I just want those who need to feel the support of a community in these hectic times to be able to do so.

There are so many things around this situation that we should pray about, just a few being:

  • That the virus spread is contained as soon as possible and those infected recover
  • That those caring for the infected remain healthy so they can continue to do their vital work
  • That the panic stops intensifying at such an alarming rate that could lead people to do who knows what that would harm themselves or others
  • That those who are underprivileged and were already having hardships before all this started aren't entirely overlooked now
  • That businesses and individuals who have been blindsided by the devastating economic impacts of this global disruption are able to make it through and continue to provide for those who rely on them

There are so many more issues that could be listed, but it comes down to this: Whether the reactions worldwide are warranted or overblown either one causes innumerable negative effects and consequences that compound each other and will take an incredibly long time to recover from - if everything suddenly finally blew over today. It's not going away today, it's possible we haven't even seen the worst of things yet, and every escalation just makes things exponentially worse.

I would encourage everyone, if you aren't already, to take this ongoing situation to God in daily prayer, and if you are able to join our community prayer meeting once a week please do. We need to help each other get through this; it is truly a state of affairs unprecedented in history.

Re: Weekly Chatroom Prayer Meetings starting March 20th

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:53 pm
by snubspaw
I usually can't attend the meetings due to work. Or I forget, and since I don't come here all that often anymore, I get the reminder message after the fact. But thankfully I don't usually work on Friday, so hopefully I'll be able to come to some of them.

Thank you for putting this together, bookworm. Now, more than ever, we have the chance to use the internet to bring people closer together when it is needed most.

Re: Weekly Chatroom Prayer Meetings starting March 20th

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 10:54 am
by bookworm
Thank you to those who have attended so far, they will be continuing every Friday until further notice. And if there was question about whether this replaces the monthly meeting on the first, yes it does. We meet Friday nights now, every week.