Favorite Band/Artist?

What's your favorite band or music artist?

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Favorite Band/Artist?

Postby Parakeet » Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:20 pm

Hey! I was wondering what everyone's favorite band or music artist is?
I'm curious about what kind of music my fellow odyssey fans enjoy... comment below!

You can say your all time favorite or make a list of your top five favorites.

Ready... set... GO! :p
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Re: Favorite Band/Artist?

Postby GJ » Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:43 pm

1. Twenty-Øne Pilots
2. Beautiful Eulogy
3. NF
4. Sleeping At Last
5. Florence and the Machine

A few others I love are; My Brothers and I, Jasmine Thompson, Imagine Dragons, and Ine Hoem. Ruth B, We are Messengers, KB, Jackie Hill Perry, and Aurora. :inlove: I would definitely say most, if not all of these listed produce clean music.
TØP, KB, Jackie Hill Perry, Beautiful Eulogy, We are Messengers and Sleeping At Last are all headed by Christians. Sleeping At Last is mainly instrumental, it's nice to listen before bed because they include ambient noises in their music. I could very well say the same for Beautiful Eulogy, though their music is a mixture of instruments and poetry, sung by rap artists. I highly recommend them. :yes:

I found Ruth B and Jasmine Thompson on YouTube. They have beautiful voices and I adore Ruth B's original pieces best of all. Aurora's music is similar, Indie, and I suppose you could say 'sad sounding.'
We Are Messengers are an alternative Christian band, formed in Ireland. I couldn't call them contemporary, the lyrics are excellent.
Well, I hope you get a chance to listen to at least one of these artists. :) No pressure though.
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Re: Favorite Band/Artist?

Postby Steve » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:25 pm

This list changes on the regular, but here's my current Top 10.

10. Death Cab For Cutie
I was way more into Death Cab when I was in high school, but I recently picked up their 2015 record, Kintsugi, and it reignited my interest in them.

9. Twenty One Pilots
I was definitely way more into TOP a couple years ago, before they got huge, but I have to admit- it's excellent music. It's refreshing to see a popular act actually take risks and do something creative. More power to them.

8. Vampire Weekend
Contra is such a solid album.

7. Owl City // Adam Young
Owl City is half the reason I write music. Young's score project last year was incredible. Looking forward to a new OC album this year.

6. The 1975
Gonna be honest, I still haven't heard their newer record. But that first one... dang. They must have some deal with the devil to write hooks like that.

5. Children 18:3
Nobody does punk better than this band, as far as I'm concerned. They aren't releasing records now, but they're still playing live every now and again- mainly in the upper Midwest. I've seen them 10 times and it's never been a bad experience.

4. Fall Out Boy
But not anything after Infinity On High. Back in the day, these guys made really good music, though.

3. My Chemical Romance
If I could only pick one band to get back together...

2. Panic! At the Disco
Pretty. Odd. is hands-down their best work. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out is a better album to listen to if you want to get a feel for them, though. That record is such a time-capsule of mid-00's scene culture that it's not even funny. Some of Urie's new stuff is decent. The dude definitely has one of the best voices in the current pop//alternative scene.

1. Relient K
Air For Free was my favorite album of 2016 by a long shot. Relient K is one of the few bands who really can't do wrong by me. It's exciting to see them back on the road and touring for the past couple of years. I'm definitely looking forward to more quality material from RK.

Honorable Mentions:
John Chuck & The Class (local Minneapolis hip-hop), Copeland (the chillest band to ever exist), Paramore (good to see Zac back with them), Weezer (but only their oldest and very newest stuff), Anberlin (obviously), Five Iron Frenzy (an old childhood fave), Chalk Talk (really stupid emo band), Brand New (really good emo band), The Wonder Years (not even that good, but still fun), Emery (their new record was killllller), Sufjan Stevens (the indie god), New Found Glory (in my mind, the ultimate pop-punk band).
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Re: Favorite Band/Artist?

Postby Knight Fisher » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:24 pm

As of this month and going off last year's last.fm data.

1 Two Steps from Hell. Really gorgeous orchestral trailer music.

2 Fahrenhaidt A German "modern nature-Pop" band. Their album The Book of Nature is my go to for relaxing tune out music.

3 Delta Rae: Chasing Twisters has been my favorite song since I first heard it.

4 Jasmine Thompson Really, really good covers of a lot of songs. Plus some originals.

5 Malukah does a lot of video game covers and originals. pawtastic voice.

Composers. Lots of composers.
6 Bear McCreary one of the most unique modern composers out there.
7 Ramin Djawadi Person of Interest and countless other great scores.
8 James Horner For Braveheart and dozens of others.
9 Jerry Goldsmith because he's Jerry Goldsmith
10 Bruce Rowland for The Man From Snowy River
11 Jack Wall I love his Mass Effect tracks.

12 Scala & Kolacny Brothers Good Belgium Choir

And to round it out Blackmore's Night is a Folk Rock Duo.
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