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685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:47 am
by Laura Ingalls
So how did you like today's episode?

I enjoyed it - Jay was so hilarious! :hilarious: I'm really liking his character more every time he's on. Ooo, and the teacher wants to talk to Connie before class?! Could that be an effort to recruit her for forgery? \:D/

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:08 am
by Jesus' Princess
I liked the episode, Jay was probably the best part! it seemed short, and not a whole lot happened in the way of new revelations, I think they went overboard with Buck and Emily though, is Emily honestly not suspicious of Buck even just a little? and Wooton and Penny, what happened to wooton making sure she is a christian? with Victoria, it was one of the first things he asked her... I'm excited for next week!!

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:17 am
by Taps
Next week is the biggest episode: The ToO will explode :lol:

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:02 pm
by Marvin D.
Episode Seven


No, not you, that’s what Tanner said. Tanner is really coming in as an annoying character. My opinion? Trusted she cannot be! (‘Course, I know whether she’s good or bad, but that’s beside the point!) Tanner and our favorite detective team are talking about trust. Polehaus’s motto seems good in theory, but really? Not being able to trust anyone? That’s not the kind of life I’d like to live. And if Tanner wants to make herself less suspicious, then just let answer the questions they asked you, silly! And she comes off as so fake when she says, “You have to trust me so we can find my agent. Pretty please?”

Polehaus: All right, stop groveling. Get your team, we got the evidence!



Tanner: Uhh...OH! That team! *scrams to gather some people* Heh, heh...

After Polehaus gets off the phone, it seems that there’s a tip. Who called? Probably Skint. Perhaps...anyways, Whit talks about all the lies and deceptions and trust issues. I know just what he feels like, not being able to trust anyone. However, Polehaus is *gasp* actually surprised about Tanner! Well...kind of. Could she be lying about the chip? *mega gasp* It seems like she actually is up to something! *uber gasp*is out of breath* Sorry. And finally, Polehaus tells Whit to find out more Buck. Can get they get his spit? ...sorry about my way of words. Or, Polehaus’s.

When Connie is at Whit’s End, Wooton is there. No, no, no! *sobs melodramatically* He’ annoying when he’s smitten. It’s a miracle he didn’t fall on the floor proclaiming his love to her in front of all the kids, who’d be “lol wut? Wazzup wit’ da mailman?” Not a good idea. To make it short, Wooton makes Connie go find out more about Penny. He skips out “whoo-hooing” and probably talks to more random strangers. Whatev. Puh-leeze. Does anyone think that Connie is kind of like Tom in the Novacom Saga? Both have a lot of unanswered questions so far. Only time will tell how much Connie will find out.

Haggler is visited by the supposedly not cranky (yet!) Polehaus, who wants to go to the storage shed to see the equipment. Yep, it’s gotta be Skint, isn’t it? And when will Polehaus change his opinion about the Hagglers?

Eugene is pretty tired of listening to Buck. Seems like Katrina’s vocabulary centers about the toothpick-chomper. And, after surfing the Web all morning, she’s now convinced that Buck isn’t living in that house! And Eugene, of course, is befuddled. Of course, it’ll take what Whit says to make Eugene feel a little more suspicious.

So Wooton goes flying out the front door, and Emily comes sauntering through the door, looking as dreamy as...well...only as a dreamy Emily Jones could. Here is the conversation (paraphrased) that ensued.

Emily: I’ve found my true love, and his name is Bu-u-uck!

Connie: Why is everyone in so early? And all smitten? *thinking about Mitch*

Emily: I’m meeting da man here. Buck! We’re working a case together. *swoons*

Connie: Here, let me help you up. But...wasn’t Matthew your partner?

Emily: Who? He’s a gumball! A dirtbag! Besides, who said I gotta have one partner? Buck is...the best. *epic swoon*

Connie: *helps her up again* So...what’re you gonna do?

Emily: We’re gonna help him find him his lost cellphone! *giggles*

Connie: ...okay.

Buck: *comes in* Good morning m’lady! *offers hand to Emily, who takes it and swoons...again*

Connie: -.-

Emily: I’m ready, let’s go!

In other words, total cheese. THE DRAMA IS DRIVING ME SANE.

They do go to look for the cellphone, and the whole holding hand scene, pretty lady, and gentleman thing makes me gag. *excuses himself* That was...the worst. *comes back in* Anyway, Jay comes in and embarrasses Buck and Emily. And he did it perfectly! Must be lo-ove! Emily got the perfect tongue-lashing she deserved. If I haven’t said it, Jay’s my favorite character. He’s nothing like Rodney. Rodney has nothing to be liked. Jay is the exact opposite. He’s annoying, but there’s stuff to like about him. Unlike the annoying, selfish brat. However, Jay *does* make a fool of himself, blabbing about the Appleberry, and ends up “gotta go-ing”. Oh, Jay...

Mr. Don Polehaus is back again, and Jay makes a fool of himself. *sigh* However...Polehaus has to act like Wally is normal! For a few minutes (yep, Jay timed him). And it seems that because Jay doesn’t know what adversarial is, the two actually *gasp* are gonna work together to see what they can find out!

After Whit calls Diane and finds out about the program...he finds out the chip can be used for tracking, and he has the program. And he can’t explain why. Secret stuff? Of course. And if he’s so smart, he SHOULD KNOW MORE ABOUT ARCHIE. And the other evil Buck. Is he connected to the Green Ring Conspiracy? And so, it’s time for Whit and Eugene to see what they know and try to put together the clues.

Emily goes over to Matthew’s house, and if I were Matthew, I would have slammed the door in the place. *slams it anyway* How can he forgive her so quickly?! She needed a few choice words right then to set her on the straight path. When Matthew finds out that Jay has blabbed, he ends up explaining to Emily that Buck can’t be trusted, Emily thinks that Matthew’s jealous of the handsome, charming, and friendly Buck. And so, Matthew runs off to Whit’s End, and once again, Emily ditches him. And Matthew is off to see what else he can discover.

*gets on his seat better* There...this episode was really...supplementary? I don’t feel like I gained much information from it. Besides Jay, I could throw out Wooton and Emily out of this. However, Whit and Eugene, and Matthew and the others are going to play some important roles in the next episode. Because this episode had a little too much Wooton and Emily, it gets a 7.5/10 stars. However...if you felt let down on this episode, don’t worry. Next week, we come to quite a few surprises! And...we meet the Stiletto. And just who is he? It was really a surprise when I found it.

*is done* This one was just 2 words longer than Episode 5. So...enjoy!

*pants* I wrote this in one day...

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:33 pm
by Steve
Your take on the Connie/Emily conversation was awesome. You should be writing the show instead of Paul McKusker...

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:00 am
by Dave
I thought that this was probably the least interesting of the first seven parts, just because not a lot seemed to happen in it. And because of a couple of eye-rolling mushy parts. :-p

Oh, and if you're interested I've posted my thoughts on the first seven parts on my blog. :-)

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:06 am
by Marvin D.
Thanks, Steve, but I think it's plenty of fun to poke fun at my least favorite characters, don't you think? ;)

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:59 am
by Christian A.
Here's my review:

Well today's episode was again not available on the FOTF Media Player, so if you can't find Part 7 on YouTube (because I couldn't since FOTF has deleted almost all of them), then if you're really desperate like I was, you can go to FAIO's website here and have a listen. I know there was a controversy about them a while back, but think of it this way: you would have listened to it for free already today anyway, it's just that FOTF's version isn't working, so it's perfectly legal. Just make sure you don't download it or go ahead and listen to the rest of the saga that's posted there. Oh, and when you listen to the episode, there will be a list of comments that you can scroll down and see. Don't scroll down!! I can't stress that enough! I made the mistake of doing so before thinking, and saw a comment that someone was rude enough to post about who the Stilletto is, and now I know. Now they didn't specifically say it was the Stilletto, but this was the comment form: "I knew it was ********!" so I assume.... Anyway, with that said, here's my review:

This episode felt like the shortest one so far. We didn't really learn anything new. There was just a bunch of comparing notes among the three main storylines. But I was really glad that happened, because all this time Whit and Polehaus, Eugene and Katrina, and Wally and Jay. Whit finally gets a clue about Katrina's investigation about Buck, and Detective Polehaus finally agrees to work with Mr. Haggler. And both are focused on Buck, Mr. Skint and the fake address. Hopefully there'll be more action in the next episode.

If this title wasn't already taken, and if all of the episodes in this album weren't called The Green Ring Conspiracy, this episode could have been called Love is in the Air. I mean seriously! Can they shove any more mushiness and annoying "smitten"ness down our throats? Could Wooton be any more unintelligent? Since when does he get smitten so easily. And he's so predictable that Connie was able to tell him exactly how he was feeling! "It's like you're living in a refrigerator box in the Municipal Park of my mind!" He wasn't even this slap-happy with Victoria! And he nearly immediately went and asked her if she was saved. But Penny apparently is different enough to get past his brain and take hold of his heart. But I guess the heart is "deceitful above all things and desperately wicked," so it makes sense. But isn't Wooton a Christian? Isn't his heart being conformed to the image of Christ by the Holy Spirit? I dunno anymore.

And then Emily and Buck. UGGH! I cringed and crossed my eyes with practically every line between the two of them. And I haven't even listened to it with the rest of my family yet! That's going to be interesting. I have a bunch of younger siblings. I can't believe Emily's throwing Matthew out the window for a suspicious kid who's obviously older than her who has an extremely annoying accent! But haven't I stressed that enough already? At least she tried to make up with Matthew at the end of the episode. I'm very interested to hear what occurs when Matthew and Buck officially meet up next week.

I appreciated that Agent Tanner was finally back in the mix. But it seemed that they were trying too hard to make Agent Tanner suspicious. Something's telling me that she may not be who we're making her out to be. But maybe the writers were just making her that way for the little kids who enjoy saying, "Oh, I can tell she's not telling the truth. She's the bad guy!" So I'm really not sure what to think. She doesn't seem to have a higher boss that she's reporting to. Back in the Novacom days, when Jason was with Monica/Paula, we would hear subsequent scenes where she reported to Mr. Charles about her progress. And in Darkness Before Dawn, we heard Bart and Phillip Glossman at times when they reported to Dr. Blackgaard (before we knew it was Dr. Blackgaard). Maybe we'll hear some of that soon. Or maybe Mr. Skint will say something about her at some point.

Buck's toothpick finally came into play! Now we know why it was so prevalent in these last couple episodes! The only thing is, how in the world did Detective Polehaus notice that on the ground so quickly? And how did he connect it so quickly with Buck? Couldn't an adult have been chewing on a toothpick in that area too? I mean, if practically all the men (and some of the women) who work at the carnival look like Mr. Skint, you'd figure there might be at least a few other people who chew on toothpicks. But I guess Polehaus has trained himself to trust no one and be suspicious of every one, so it kinda makes sense.

The thing that probably redeemed this episode all by itself was the scene with Jay and all of his hilarious lines. I'll give you some samples: "You heard me! Or do I need to say it again in Braille?!" "You're a regular Judas Benedict Arnold!" "I'll bet my case is bigger than your case!...Like, yours is probably just a little case with those clip-lock combination thingies, where my case is like a big trunk with lots of compartments and huge steel padlocks that are strong--Oh, I got lost in a metaphor for a second." And then later in that scene Emily tells Buck, "I couldn't have done it without you...or Jay, unfortunately." That made me laugh.

But there are still so many questions, including ones that were added as a result of events in this episode: "Will Buck get the AppleBerry from Matthew before someone can stop him? What information is on the phone that Buck and Mr. Skint are so concerned about? What will happen between Wooton and Penny? Will Emily ever come to her senses and let go of Buck? Will Buck ever stop lying through his teeth and tell anyone the truth? How will he do with his first day on the job at Whit's End? Will he end up causing any trouble? Can we trust Agent Tanner? Or will she ever be exposed? Will Polehaus be able to set aside his prejudice against the Hagglers long enough to see what Wally has discovered? Will Katrina continue to get "too personally involved" with Buck, and eventually uncover his secret? And will any of you listen to my warning not to scroll down the comments on the FAIO page and keep away from finding out who the Stilletto is? ;D

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:34 pm
by Peachey Keen
I'm really starting to love Jay! So funny and a great character. Wooton was really funny. Jess Harnel does all those sputters and muffled screams real well! Great acting from him.

Emily? Blech, don't want to talk about her. At least, not yet! :evil:

4 stars from me.

Re: 685: The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 7

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:57 pm
by SoccerLOTR
Steve wrote:Your take on the Connie/Emily conversation was awesome. You should be writing the show instead of Paul McKusker...

Lol, it was quite awesome :D

I thought it was a fairly good episode. Wooten got a bit ridiculous, but he usually does, so...not a big surprise. Emily...ridiculous...even more not a surprise. However, I did like the rest of it, and thought it was cool that pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. It's definitely not full of as much suspense as the Novacom or Blackgaard series were, but still intriguing.