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Need prayer for relationship

Postby Young&Mighty » Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:11 pm

Hi. I'm assuming some of you already read my thread about me needing advice with a friend of mine. She used to be a really good friend, but lately I've been unlucky; I often see her in a bad mood in most of the times I try to start a chat with her online. Making it worse is that I don't know when the right time is. Somehow, I feel that she's just not liking the way things are going right now, what with having to be cooped up in an apartment for a vacation before going to China for summer school. I've never seen her in such a bad mood before, and I think it started after she arrived in Jakarta, her place of stay. Making it worse is that we live far apart after I transferred from Indonesia to Canada, so I can't tell what's going on. She's in Los Angeles now and I feel she has trouble fitting in with the others (mostly non-Christian) and having a Christian conviction at the same time. From the advice thread though (thanks a lot for helping guys), I realized that I should make sure I don't let myself be too worried and at the same time just be available.

So yeah, I just want prayers for her so that she can settle in America for university life without jeopardizing her faith, and also so that she can rely on God whenever things don't go her way. Also pray for me so that I don't let my emotions overtake when dealing with her and so that if God wants me to help her in some way that I can do it right with the Holy Spirit. Finally, pray that if I'm overreacting (my main weakness) that God will let me know so I don't let my own life go astray.
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