A New World

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A New World

Postby Bennett Charles » Tue May 03, 2005 2:21 am

Greetings citizens of the Town of Bennett.

Today, you awake to a new, empty world. A world where avatars are outlawed, signatures are illegal, posts are missing, money cannot be earned, and your leaders have been imprisoned or relocated to undisclosed locations.

A couple of years ago I was transferred to Odyssey to handle the managing duties of Novacom. Our goal? To help those in need. However, you ungrateful wretches apparently didn't see the potential of our work and were scared off. We were slandered and made out to be these villainous creatures, when in truth, our only goal was to help create a better society for everyone to live in! With the Radio Wave to Brain Wave break study, we could have helped millions! Instead, the research was stolen by one of the very people on this board! And then, to make matters worse, we reached out to John Avery Whittaker to help us with his technology and he refused to assist us in our quest of helping others. We did the only honorable thing one can do in that situation, we took from the rich to give to the poor. If John Whittaker was not willing to help us, we would not let that get in our way of assisting the disabled and making their lives easier! But no, our successes were down played and our failed experiments were blown out of proportion. Odenton and Alaska were mistakes, errors in our judgment and we admit to that. But instead of giving us a chance to explain, most of us were run out of town and thrown into prison! We were treated unfairly, unjustly, and after years in that prison, I have come to return the favor.

But don't think AREM will once again save the day this time! For the past two days I have been battling with this "hero" of yours inside the shell of the Town of Odyssey. He was successful in warning you of my impending take over, as well as stopping the election rigging, but he was unable to stop me from placing Shadowpaw in prison or taking over the board. Shortly after our takeover, we launched a virus that has crippled AREM's computer system. No more clues, no more aides. This board is mine.

And legally so. When I heard the shocking news that the ballots had been stolen, I called up Ms. Faye who insisted I was the right man to lead this town. As the official ballots no longer exist, she granted me the authority to serve as the Mayor of this town until I can find the people responsible for taking these ballots. I have a feeling these people will never be found.

So, welcome to your new home: the town formerly known as Odyssey. Bennett is a wonderful place to live. It will give each and everyone of you an idea what it is like to live in a prison!
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Postby Shadowpaw » Tue May 03, 2005 9:23 pm

Not on my turf Charles. Goodbye.
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